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uTorrent 2.2.1 speed problem


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I've been having over a week with slow speed problem, previously I was using version 1.7.7 and everything was fine, but I had to change to 2.2.1 due to magnet, since then I'm having speed problem, my current d/l speed hardly goes over 10K!!!!! I've tested my bandwidth using speedtest.net and it showed the following results (http://www.speedtest.net/result/1979247754.png):

- d/l 2.92Mb

- u/l 0.34Mb

- ping 33ms

I'm using the following apps/devices:

- XP SP3

- uTorrent 2.2.1 build 25110

- Avira Antivirus

- Comodo Firewall (the exception already added to firewall)

I've done few tweaks to no avail (disabling DHT, uDP, etc.). When I tried to test the open port, uTorrent reported port not open and on the right at the bottom I have a green circle, so it seems everything is set correctly. I have the following setting under Advanced:

- bt.connect_speed = 4

- bt.transp_speed = 255

- gui.graphic_progress = false

- net.calc_overhead = true

- net.max_halfopen = 50

all others are left as default.

Currently I'm trying to download 4 torrents, and the speed I got is around 5KB most of the time, I even tried to test with Ubuntu file, and all I got is at most 20KB, so something is wrong. Can anyone tells me what else I can try to speed up uTorrent?

Thanks for your suggestion/comments.

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