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From uTorrent to beyond..(a tool for uTorrent paths extraction)


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Well, first of all, i want to share my gratitude with uTorrent team for their awesome torrent client...in fact, i doubt that any other client is so fast and stable...i've been using uTorrent since 1.6x 'til now (i'm using now the version 2.2.1) . BUT...now i'm moving to Linux and...uTorrent Server seems very nice, but is alpha and many trackers do not allow it.

So, i must move my torrents to another client... :( ..i have about 1300 torrents on uTorrent, completely messed: many of them are in one directory, another part is in another directory, some of them have their own directory...

I couldn't figure out how to do "export" this information faster and with minimum effort.

Well, i've been searching for a while and, as i not found an satisfactory answer for my problem, i did create a small tool in C language (called u2t, which means "uTorrent to Text" ) that exports all torrent filenames and paths to a text file.

It's easy to use: just run the tool in terminal (MS-DOS shell) with the complete path of the resume.dat file as parameter. It will create a file called "file_paths.txt " with all torrents filenames and paths, with filenames above paths for each torrent. For example: suppose you have 3 movies in your client, says, "The Godfather", "Titanic" and "Death Wish" . After running u2t, you will get, in "file_paths.txt ":


C:\torrents\Movies\BestMovieEver\The Godfather.mkv





With this information you can, for example, create a bash script to import all your torrents to any linux client (my case) or...whatever ! You can do what you want with this.

If there is another tool to export paths/filenames, better than mine, please someone post it here. If uTorrent itself has this functionality, so i'm dumb and sorry for this post.

The link to both sourcecode and compiled version is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/scg16q

ATTENTION: i made some assumptions on resume.dat, like any filename is terminated by "d8" - for example, in that file, which is like a binary file, the Titanic.torrent is written as ":Titanic.torrentd8". If some of this assumptions fail for another version of uTorrent (like 3.1), my tool is useless to that version.

Final thing: if this post belongs to another part of forum, some moderator can move it [sorry!] ...and sorry for my english, i'm not a native speaker !


UPDATE (2012-07-06): Well, i made some changes that will be make the import on another client easier...in fact, now the tool creates 2 text files, one with torrents filenames and another with paths. The tool is now running on Linux with no trouble. The Windows version (binary) with source code included are in: http://www.sendspace.com/file/w8c2dh

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