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Where are the torrent sites gone?? I have an serious Idea.


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I see that the piratebay has gone too. where are you people downloading the files from?

I have an idea to fight those people back.

If we have nothing to download then-

Lets stop buying music CDs movie DVDs and lets stop watching new movies in theaters. Let them suffer agonizing loss. Let them burn with their own deeds. You can hold it huh? Yes we can do it. We don't need to buy tickets or CD DVDs, we are strong, we can live by ourselves. Watch home videos on youtube etc if you need entertainment. Do not fall prey to the heavy advertisements and offers Hollywood or other companies will offer. Be strong and focused by mind. Spread these words to everyone of your friends and relatives.

Seriously spread these words allover to your networking sites, friends, relatives.

Anyone supports this?

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The Pirate Bay hasn't gone and if your ISP has blocked the site then there are heaps of ways around it, to find out how, remember, Googles your friend.

But anyway we should follow the boycott act and teach them a lesson.

Yes I found a way to access it.

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