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downloads complete, but force recheck always brings them back to 99%


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after files are marked as complete, for some reason a force recheck will almost always revert them back to anywhere from 96 to 99 percent... so, i select the torrent, click start, it downloads for a few minutes, then gets marked as complete. force recheck, back to 99%

it happens with 9 out of 10 torrents i download, and takes a minimum of 5 "force recheck/restart download" passes before actually staying at 100% after a recheck...

i just wish i had realized it before deleting like 300gb of downloaded files... the whole time i'm like "GAH! ANOTHER INSTALLER FAILED?!?! DOES ANYTHING WORK IN LION?!?!" :P

so has anyone else run into this? at this rate im almost tempted to just keep an XP virtual machine running at all times just so i can use the windows version again and not have to keep babysitting my download queue lol

im running uTorrent 1.6.4 on Lion 10.7.4 (10.7.3 also displayed the same behavior)

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I have this same issue, however I do not seem to have the same success with restarting...the same piece is still sitting at 93.x%, resulting in the torrent stating 99.9% - after requesting a force recheck, several times!!!

The torrent in question (in this case) contains rar pieces for two video files, and I need this one rar piece to unrar one of the videos correctly. I am noticing this problem more and more.

On videos I download I just move it when utorrent reports complete, however when watching it, I see defects from time to time - which I guess, if I forced recheck first before moving, would also say it wasn't complete even though utorrent reported it to be.

I don't see wasted MB reported, but 0 for hashfails???

I never used to have this problem. Any advice for the group???

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This issue does not appear to be limited to uTorrent, it also occurs in Tixati - with the exact same torrent!!

Any ideas how this occurs?

Update: I was wrong. Deleted the problem file, restarted with Tixati -100%. Next time this happens I will try redownloading with uTorrent - until then I will use tixati on the assumption uTorrent is corrupting files.

Update 2: Additional testing is showing that the problem exists with Tixati downloads too. So the question is - What would cause torrent clients to assume they have 100% when in fact they do not, and why do clients believe they have 100%?

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