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Always getting an error


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Using 3.2-27295 and getting this error in one torrent. I have these kind of erros often even when I rescan the torrents.

[2012-06-05 03:54:14] IO Error:1168 line:360 align:-99 pos:-99 count:183 actual:0

[2012-06-05 03:54:14] IO Error:1168 line:372 align:-99 pos:452608 count:183 actual:-99

[2012-06-05 03:54:14] IO Error:1168 line:446 align:512 pos:-99 count:183 actual:-99

[2012-06-05 03:54:14] IO Error:1168 line:1635 align:512 pos:0 count:452791 actual:-99

Can someone tell me how I can get rid of this error!

Don't tell me to download again. this torrent is a big one with many files in it!

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