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my language not shown


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so what are u saying is when an user download utorrent do they want to download utorrent.lng seperately...? Cant we give it with setup without downloading a seperately.?

no he is saying that language files and utorrent are released separately. utorrent is packed with language files which are available in that day.(current version is packed 06.01) on 06.01 there was no singala language so in that version there is no singhala translation. on 06.05 utorrent was already translated to singhala, so in utorrent Release Candidate 1 (3.2)(released on 06.05) singhala translation already included in utorrent.exe.

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@gymka, kmdushyantha:

gymka's answer is nearly ok. When there is a utorrent.exe released and you do a "new" installation it asks during installation which language you would like. If at this time of utorrent.exe creationg the utorrent.lng contains a translation like sinhala already (must have more than 80%) it's included in that selection during the installation.

If not, you can manually download the utorrent.lng and copy it to appdata-folder as written above.

So it's always helpful if a translation is already above the 80% when a new version is released.

But just the selection is already inside utorrent.exe, not the translation itself!

Also during an already installed version the user has the possibility with "Help" --> "Download Translation" to redownload the newest utorrent.lng which is released by uTS admins (Firon or me) manually.

In this case the file automatically is placed in the right folder so the user can choose his preferred language.

Hope this is clear now :)

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