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uTorrent bandwidth limiting, specifically UPLOAD


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Ok here's the thing, ever since installing the 3.1.3 update my uTorrent client completely ignored my set 30kb/s upload rate limit.

YES - I have checked all the settings to apply to uTP and local peers etc. I even tried limiting the separate actual torrent files by right clicking on it.

YES - I have tried lowering the total peers and peers per torrent to very small amounts (10-100).

YES - I have tried reinstalling/default settings.

uTorrent uploads at such a high rate (peaking at 1.9mb/s) that it totally floods and wrecks my network causing d/c and all sorts of connectivity/traffic trouble.

I have seen similar threads about this but they were all snubbed as "probably didn't use the right settings" and closed.

Previous versions worked fine and I will be trying to reinstall to an older version.

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