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Answer - Are you serious? You do not know how to "Set Download Location", relocate a file, or initially put the download location on a non-default drive (specified in Preferences-Directory) to any drive on your computer? Back to computer basics.

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I believe this may very well be my first post. I know I should have probably went to the part of the Forum where one introduces themselves and I also realize this part of the forum is really not where I should be asking what I am about to ask but here goes anyway. I have been using UTorrent for years but until about a year ago I have not been able to get a green arrow when I click on options and run the set up guide.

I get a green arrow up top but on the bottom I always end up with a yellow check mark with a black star on it.

Is there something I need to plug in or what do you guys think I should do to remedy this situation?

I was thinking *Maybe I have some kind of virus or worm or something that is not being picked up by my many programs for scanning for viruses, spyware, malware and whatever else that could not find out what is causing my problems.

Is there anyone out there that might have some advice for me so I might find a open port, or maybe there is something I need to adjust; or check mark, or something!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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