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Missing massive amount of files


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Hi, I started to notice pop-up warnings from utorrent about missing files a couple of nights ago while I was online with someone. They increased in number the next day but I thought it was just a glitch that would straighten itself out after a reboot.

After the reboot there were even more missing files, most of what I downloaded is missing, over 200 GBs on one partition, it even shows that it is gone when I open the "utorrent complete" directory where they are kept. When I look at the partitions by clicking "Computer", it shows that it is gone also.

ALL files that were NOT in a folder are gone, that is, if it was an avi or pdf or whatever that I had downloaded but was not inside another folder, it is gone. Also, many of the files that were in folders are gone as well, folder and all, so just being in a folder didn't save them. The folders that remain seem to have all their files in them.

There are even some files that show Green in utorrent but when I try to open the location, it is not there, whereas others are [that are green].

I ran Avira, which didn't find anything, and Malwarebytes, definitions up to date. I then uninstalled Avira and installed MSE and ran it, none of them found anything.

I checked the properties and they are not hidden. I even tried changing the folder attributes to 'hidden' then deselected it and applied that to see if they would show up. No luck. Most of these missing files are ones that I have been seeding for many many months, all gone. No one has access to my pc other than myself

Help would be appreciated.

utorrent 3.1.3 build 27385

Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

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I just ran the Eventvwr and under the "Summary of Administrative Events" and "Event type- Error" it says

Event ID - 7

Source - Disk

Log - System

Last hour - 0

24 hours - 0

7 days - 43

But there is no mention of atapi in any of the logs.

Btw, what would you suggest to replace Zonealarm with?

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