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**help**i am not connectable


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Before anyone tells me to go to port forward or read the FAQ. I have already done that and have spent the whole day trying to figure oput my connection issues...

The long and short of it is - My downloads are perfect byt my uploads suck.

It seems the port that I am forwarding via my router is not being detected as open. All port scanners I use timeout and the built in network scanner fails with a big red X anytome I try to run it. I have:

- Forwarded a port in my router for both TCP and UDP, outside the normal bit torrent range to minimise ISP throotling.

- Have tried enabling and disabling settings such as DHT, UpnP, NAT-PMP

- Ensured the windows FIrewall has ports forwarded.

- Disabled anti virues, router firewall and windows firewall

- Setup a static IP

- Verified I am not using a transparrent proxy

I am using a BT Home Hub 2 I had a look on the Vuse website which states that BT has unfixable NAT problems. Could this be the reason why I am not copnnectable?


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