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100% CPU - v1.6.4 (27255) / MacOS 10.7.4


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Since upgrading to v1.6.4 - I have been noticing uTorrent running at 100% CPU. This happens without any active torrents.

When I quit the program and re-start it, it runs fine for a while but then eventually jumps up to 100% CPU usage, and my Mini spins up its fans to 4000rpm.

I have enabled 'all logging flags' in Messages, but there are no messages in the log.

Running latest MacOS 10.7.4, and latest v1.6.4 (27255) uTorrent. Help.


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i have begun having this same problem. i used to leave µtorrent running for extended periods with no problems, but now it regularly jumps up to 100+% of CPU usage, causing the computer to heat up and the fan to come on and other applications to become sluggish.

i quit and restart the application and it's good for a while and then it happens again.

i'd be happy to provide additional info if it will help find a fix.

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