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Downloading Problems

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Hi all,

I've been using uTorrent for several months now, if not a year, and for some reason, recently I've been experiencing issues with my download speed.

At max, it usually gets up to around 10KB/s, and if I'm lucky, it may also get up to 25KB/s. However, this problem only affects my download speed, my upload speed is perfectly fine.

I have 20Mbit/s broadband and I used to be able to get up to 2MB/s on downloads, but now, when attempting to download files I can't get anywhere close to it.

Both my download and upload speed are set to unlimited currently.

I don't know how this problem arose as I have never fiddled with the settings before, but I have a feeling it may be due to updating, although I have no recollection of updating (although this is a shared computer).

I have no idea how to change my settings as suggested by the FAQ and the post by Ultima concerning slow download speeds. If the problem can be solved through changing my settings, then any guide for a Mac user like me will be greatly appreciated.

Any help on the matter will be awesome!

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I'm not sure if it will work this time. I don't know much about torrents, I recently tried downloading some tv shows from pirate bay because a friend told me it was a way to get free videos, movies and magazines. I installed utorrent on my mac, downloaded the episodes, then they just sat there. The status was seeded, and I didn't know what to do next. So I came to the forum, did some searches, read the start up guide (should have done that before!) and fixed the only issues that were listed as being a problem, I needed to change my firewall settings to allow utorrent to get by, and I needed to allow encryption. So I did that and now I'm trying the down load again. If somebody can tell me if I need to do something after the torrent is seeded, like convert it to another type of file, or open it with a specific application, I would appreciate it. As far as I can tell, everything's set up properly, but I don't want to waste a bunch of time downloading something that won't work.

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