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registered just to post this

i've been using utorrent since 2008 and always satisfied with it, but now i'm uninstalling and never getting it again.

all because of your new amazing toolbar.

I've got it because of the confusing setup, where the common I" agree with everything and accept.." is highlited but in the end it says ".. and install utorrent toolbar", but that's my fault here, it should be fixable by just uninstalling the extension, right?

nope, not so easy. you can disable the toolbar, even delete it in settings, but it will install itself back after you launch your browser again. same thing with latest IE, mozilla, chrome. Also, after i installed it, it totally wrecked my chrome profile, and keeps doing that every time i try to delete it. there is no utorrent toolbar program in "add/remove programs" , uninstalling utorrent does not help, and there is no visible folder for that extension either. you made it pretty much impossible for common user to get rid of your toolbar.

from totally awesome to fully retarded with just one utorrent update, well done.

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