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Completed torrents are auto removing ??


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hey guys...

I'm on utorrent 1.6.4 and something strange has started to happen....

when a torrent has completed it is auto removing itself from the list of active torrents. Is there an option to do this... I'd rather manually remove torrents after seeding, i've looked through the preferences and options however do not see an option to stop the auto removal ??

the stop seeding at up / down ratio is unchecked and greyed out...

any guidance to let me seed for longer would be much appreciated.



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I have had this problem. It has been caused by:

- having the sidebar turned off so long I've forgotten it had anything useful in it;

- allowing uTorrent to update itself to 1.7.6b for mac, which seems to have reset my choice from "all" to "downloading".

It sounds really dumb but I'm a long-time mac user with some confidence at troubleshooting and I was at a loss for ages about this. I didn't see anything about it in this forum at first, and was about to bite the bullet and reinstall the app. Using AppCleaner, I had the choice of also trashing preferences and system files, including cache files. Knowing the preference files were the likely culprit, I balked and checked this forum with a fine-toothed comb once more. Lucky I did. I would have ended up reconfiguring the whole thing and frigging round getting my active torrents going again.

Can I suggest there is a liability to this in the interface and it could be solved by adding some redundancy into it. By all means, leave the sidebar as is, but introduce an extra command in the View menu, e.g. called "torrents" and expandable to the choices of "all", "downloading", etc. Lots of apps have redundancy like this. I would like to request this as a feature, but since this discussion of it is already in progress, this is probably the best place to do so.

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