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Hey Mac

I came here exactly because of this reason. Since PB got rid of the "download torrent" option (which allowed setting of drive/folder AND files to download within the torrent, this facility seems to have been taken away from uTorrent for some reason. You say if you are using magnet links (which seems to be the ONLY option on PB now) you need 3.2 beta version yet checking on here, there IS no 3.2 beta yet - it's still in alpha. Did you mean 3.1.x beta? I'm confused. There is still a box in 3.1.3 which I've selected to show files within a torrent but it's not working/showing the files, it's just empty?! So please could you kindly clarify what you meant above about 3.2 beta please?

Thank you

Hmmm it seems in the last hour that 3.2 beta has now been released and 3.3 is now the current alpha version so I stand corrected and am in the process of downloading/installing it. Hopefully this problem will now no longer exist. Sorry I would have deleted this but doesn't seem a way so I thought I'd edit and add this. Thanks anyway. :)

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