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settings for uTorrent 1.6.4 (27255)


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Mac user.

I thought i copied all the info i'd need from my older version of utorrent to use when setting up my new utorrent 1.6.4. (was having trouble so i uninstalled older version and downloaded 1.6.4)

I did alright except in preferences, under Network there is a section Proxy server. it is currently set at None, but my choices are SOCKS4, SOCKS, HTTPS, HTTP. if i choose one of those, there's a space for address and then port. do i need to fill this in or is it alright without this info?

my downloads are slow, but that is because i use Clear and the service is lousy. am download at speed of 58/mbps. argh....

thank you for any help.

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Hi, yes you should.

At this step you either uncheck the use proxy flag or fill in the port and adress fields, note that your client will download even slower with the proxy on, which is normal. It's ok is you don't use it, but if you are determined, you can find free proxies on the internet.

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