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Bug related to "Set Download Location"


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I often use Cmd-click-->"Advanced"-->"Set download location...", for instance when I'm downloading a movie and want it to end up in the "Movies" directory being monitored by XBMC.

The problem is that occasionally, the entire contents of the default download directory is moved along with it....

Let's say the default download directory is /Volumes/Data/Downloads and the movie directory is /Volumes/Data/Media/Movies

Now, I'm downloading a movie called TheMovieTitle (and the torrent is a folder). While the torrent is still downloading (and sometimes before it even starts downloading), I set the download location to /Volumes/Data/Media/Movies.

But what happens is that the entire folder /Volumes/Data/Downloads is RENAMED to /Volumes/Data/Media/Movies/TheMovieTitle

This doesn't happen all the time, but pretty often. I don't know the exact conditions under which to reproduce this, but I get the feeling it's more likely to happen when the torrent I'm downloading has a really long name.

I'm using version 1.6.4 (27255)

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I think that in all cases I've seen it the torrent has consisted of a folder with a really long name, such as

"Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking S01 1080i HDTV DD5.1 MPEG"

The torrent in question can be found on TPB. I redownloaded this torrent just now and was able to reproduce the problem!

However, on the first attempt I tried to move it to a new temporary folder on my data volume -- No problem.

But when I moved it to my Movies folder instead, then the problem appeared!

Don't know if it was a coincidence, though.

What distinguishes my Movies folder from the temp folder is that I'm sharing the Movies folder using the built-in sharing functionality in Lion, and I'm mounting this folder from my Apple TV using the AFP protocol. The Apple TV's XBMC app scans the folder for changes every 4 hours or so, but it doesn't seem like it was scanning now.

So my bet is the combination of a long folder name and trying to move it to a shared folder? Or is there some other folder property I should look for?


Some more details:

All my existing torrents were moved into the folder

/Volumes/Data/Media/Movies/Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking S01 1080i HDTV DD5.1 MPEG

And the contents of this particular torrent ended up in /Volumes/Data/Media/Movies/Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking S01 1080i HDTV DD5.1 MPEG/Into.the.Universe.With.Stephen.Hawking.S01.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-CtrlHD - [ hdtv.hexagon.cc ]

i e the existing /Volumes/Data/Downloads folder was renamed to <destination folder>/<torrent name>, and underneath that directory it created the actual directory included in the torrent contents...

Another thing to note is that I'm also sharing the Downloads folder on my local network through AFP, just like my media folder.

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Yes, that's right, "Put new downloads in" points to /Volumes/Data/Downloads

The "Move completed downloads to" box is unchecked.

I've checked the "Store .torrents in" box and set it to /Volumes/Data/torrents

The rest of the boxes are unchecked.

Let me know if you need more info!

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please excuse the noob question but is folder download related.

how can I set the download to be done in the same location as of the .torrent file?

utorrent can watch (sub)directories for .torrent files and delete them when loaded so why can`t I set the download location to be the same with the .torrent file?

thank you!

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I can confirm this bug regarding "Set download location".

When you initially open a .torrent (with multiple files) for download, it appends the name of the torrent to the location you select. In this initial dialog however you can still remove this subfolder in the download location text input field, which is what I always do.

An example: imagine I have a torrent "movie.720p.dvdrip.torrent" with several files, and I select "D:\Downloads" as download directory. After selecting this, the download location text input field reads "D:\Downloads\movie.720p.dvdrip" which means it would create a subdirectory and put the files in it. However, I remove the "movie.720p.dvdrip" part, and the files are properly downloaded into "D:\Downloads".

Until a few months ago, it was possible to move files to another directory, and point the seeding .torrent to this new location with the "Set download location" option. The folder you selected was also the folder it looked for the files.

But currently this option also appends this subfolder again, and there's no way to remove it. In my opinion this is a bad regression, rendering the entire option useless.

An example: I moved my downloaded files to "D:\Movies\SomeMovie", and I want to point the torrent to that new location. If you'd browse to "D:\Movies\SomeMovie" and hit the "Select folder" button, it will actually look for files in "D:\Movies\SomeMovie\movie.720p.dvdrip" which is bad.

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