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Query regarding my speed


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Hello Guys ,

Just logged in here to ask few queries.

First of all, I have read all the speed related issues & solutions.

The internet connection I have is cable internet. So There is no router provided with the connection only the Cable.

I have configured the utorrent client according to the setup guide mentioned here.

My usual download speed is between 25kbps - 32kbps


But sometimes when the torrent health is good with sufficient number of seeders i get a speed of 1.1MBps

& also sometimes my seeding speed goes to 2 Mbps



I want to ask that is there any way to boost my speed to 1Mbps for all torrents.

Any tweak in registry entry or something like so that I can get a even speed of 1mbps

Please note that I cannot modify the router setting as the provider has blocked the remote access to it.


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