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Internetaccess slows or stops when utorrent is running.


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Even when nothing is being down or uploaded. maybe 1kb/s or so in handshaking is noticed, but NO traffic.

All the same SOMETIMES its the impossible to browse (FF or IE latest versions) or download mail (Thunderbird), there is just no answer from the internet and a timeout will tell "no such xxx found" or "cant load the requested data".

Some other times it works fine, when utorrent is running.

Sometimes I can even browse while utorrent is downloading and uploading to app 50% of my internetlink capacity.

I all seems so erratic?

My system: Client laptop AMD turion X2 (dual core 2Ghz), SSD system disk 256GB, 3GB RAM, Win7 sp1 fully patched, MS security essentials antivirus, Win7 std firewall activated, std settings and NO rules or exceptions, wifi 802.11g to Zyxel P660HWD1 router/firewall/ADSL modem, std firewall settings, no rules, no exceptions. ADSL link measured ca 13Mb/s downloadlink 1Mb/s upload link.

utorrent usually has an orange triangle with exclamationmark in lower left corner. Nevertheless it can down or upload almost with ADSL link capacity.

What can I do to ensure that I can use my client laptop for browsing in parallel with utorrent?

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