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Huge Speed Fluctuations


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At the moment when using torrents I am getting significant speed fluctuations. On the torrent I'm currently downloading I will download at a stable rate of roughly 150 Kbps-300 Kbps. From the baseline of that stable rate my connection will increase to roughly 700-1000 kbps. Once the 700-1000 kbps mark is hit, my connection will immediately free-fall to the 150-300 Kbps baseline area. Then will rise immediately back to 700-1000, freefall, and so forth. This repeats continuously. My speed graph looks roughly like a sine wave. This will generally, but not always occur with other torrents. But happens I would say >50% of the time.

I am using utorrent 3.2 RC6.

Speed 15 Mb/s down 1 Mb/s up

utorrent settings:

max upload 20 KB/s

download: unlimited

apply rate limit to utp enabled

UPnP enabled

NATPMP disabled

max connected peers per torrent: 200

global max: 500

all other settings default

haven't touched advanced settings

My modem is a billion 7800n running in pure bridge on the latest firmware.

My router is the asus rt-n56u also running latest firmware.

connected to an asus u31sd laptop:

internet connected through wireless n. connected to intel centrino n-100 wireless card.

Operating system win 7 sp1.

Am using all the latest drivers for my system.

Have tried fiddling around with settings for a day but have no idea how to fix these huge speed fluctuations. Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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Well after much fiddling around I downgraded to utorrent 1.8.5. That has resulted in my speeds increasing to a basline of 500-700 Kbps versus 150-300 Kbs and the speed fluctuations are gone. I am using the exact same settings so I'm kind of assuming that the press regarding utorrent 3.1.3/3.2 being poor is true.

I basically have a top notch modem, router, keep my computer in great condition.(clean installs generally monthly). Use the latest drivers, etc.

No matter what settings I tried utorrent 3.1.3 would be slow most of the time. Sometimes fast but just incredibly frustrating in general. Sometimes torrents would run normally, most of the time huge fluctuations, etc.

Personally I would be grateful if utorrent would release a version of utorrent that followed 1.8.5 that was more barebones. I.E not utp, minimal settings like 1.8.5, etc. As the simplicity of older utorrent versions seems to minimize issues.

Since as far as I know the main difference between 3.2/3.1.3 and 1.8.5 is the introduction of utp. I've heard numerous other people on other forums post similar issues with 3.x that have been fixed by downgrading.

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I wonder if it's possible to make micro, mini and full versions of utorrent..

I find by reading the forums that many people on here that have been utorrent users for yrs. are using an older and unsupported version, ie: 1.8.5, 2.2.1...

It looks like the problems started with the 3 series and then the real fun started.

Then again the more you add the more problems there will be.

I have to admit i do on occasion, and I'm aware of the security risks but the older versions do work flawlessly, imho!

I understand somewhat why there is no support for the older versions but if it works, it works!

I agree patience is needed for a newly released alpha, beta, etc. to work out the kinks but people are going to use whatever works for them!

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