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i've seen several threads when you help others when uTorrent just start eating the computors ram memory.

I start uTorrent and it is on normal 15-20.000 kb use.

Then i start add some torrents to load, 5-6 or more.

Then it starts to climb. And then utorrent starts lagg and stop respord when it goes to 250-300.000 kb use and use 25% cpu. and I just have to shut it down again.

I run win7 64-bit home edition. Ram is not a question since this system have 12 GB of it.

(CPU is a 3.2 Ghz Quad from AMD. Its a BE version).

Any idea what the hells going on?

I tryed the disk cache you said in other topics, but the memory use still just goes up to the lagg point.

Hope you can help me on this.


Edit: I use utorrent 3.1.3.

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