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DHT (Waiting to login)


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I am having a problem downloading torrents. I see that my DHT wont login. I have tried the fixes of deleting the dht files in my appdata folder, and this happens on multiple networks. I am not using a firewall and have disabled my antivirus (AVG) in hopes of getting this to work. Open to any advice.

The specs that may be relevant:

Win 7 64 bit,

Netgear WNDA3100 v2 wireless adapter,

Also; I have uninstalled Utorrent and tried fresh. Still not working.


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I had this problem and what I think is the best and quickest solution is to open the port which uTorrent using in your router settings. It worked for me.

You'll find port number in preferences - connections - port used for incoming connections.

Then you must go to your router settings (type to your browser) and find something like "forwarding". This depends on type of the router you have, for example I've got TP-Link router and interface looks like this bdO.png

Set your utorrent port to enabled or open. And it works like a charm now

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