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Torrents say "Finished" without seeding?


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I'm fairly new to uTorrent, so I'd appreciate some help!

Recently, my torrents have finished downloading and stopped seeding right when they're done.

I think I messed around with the "Upload" settings in Preferences about a week ago, since at the time I was trying to "pause" seeding until my downloads were done (since it was going very slowly and I had thought there was too much uploading going on for my download to have a greater speed), but now I have no clue what I did to cause this.

For example, my download just finished of a torrent that is, in size, 6.4 GB. When it was fully done downloading, I checked the "Uploaded" section and it states that I have uploaded only 428.5 MB. The status says "Finished" and there is no seeding going on at all, for any torrents. My other ones are also uploaded much lower than their size, yet say "Finished" and not "Seeding".

What went wrong? I'm sure I messed with the settings a lot, but if anyone has any idea on how to sort of resume seeding on my completed torrents, I'd appreciate that before I end up copying down all of my settings on here in case it isn't needed. I really don't want to be a leecher and it appears I am one according to my torrents' stats, and that's bothering me a lot. Thanks!

EDIT: SORRY! I had figured out the reasons why I've been having this problem. I apologize for creating a near empty thread. Please lock/delete if any admin can! Thanks!

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