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utorrent 3.2 magnet link not correct


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here you add a new feature we can select a file in magnet link which we want to download or not but problem when i download torrent which contains folder which contains files it does not create a folder see below




same i tested with utorrent 3.3 alpha it creates a folder it works correctly




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1. There has been a lot of post on Announce -> RC7 thread concerning the probems with saving. Read through the last couple of pages. By the way, your the the alpha folder looks like the desktop background and not the downloads folder you where supose(?) to be showing.

(PS. I am voting for the Name to NOT be used in creating the Folder. That you are required to select and/or create it with the windows Folder selection dialog box. Or in best case, the user is required to enter a "\" to the Save In string to tell the program they need to add the folder name. Read the last couple of pages of the RC7 thread.)

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