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Invisible torrent problem


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1. Open *.torrent file with uTorrent, but not proceed

2. Move this *.torrent file to Recycle Bin

3. Select destination torrent and start downloading torrent

Whats the problem:

1. I can't see this torrent in uTorrent list

2. I can't download this torrent second time - it tells me that this torrent already exist and asks me to add trackers info.


Mac OS X 10.7.4

uTorrent 1.6.4 (27255)

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What version of uTorrent are you using? ok mac 1.xxxx. I do not know the story about macs and they have a section/thread for the mac. You should have posted there. I do not know about RC for mac.

1. Open but not proceed - what does that mean? Did you hit the Cancel button?

3. Select Destination Torrent ... - what does that mean? Did you go to a tracker site and download another torrent? Add it? Start Downloading? What? Was it a torrent or a magnet?

Did you select the Torrents category and sort by Added column? It should be at the top or bottom of the list. There have been problems with magnets and how they are handled is evolving. Check the latest RC.

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1. Open but not proceed - what does that mean? Did you hit the Cancel button?

I mean select nothing if uTorrent asks something, just wait for step 3.

3. Select Destination Torrent ...

Sorry i mean "Select destination folder". Just mistake.

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I think I have found a temporary solution.

Go to labels and then hidden, and your torrent should be in there. If that does not work try clicking the magnet link again and when it says the torrent is already there but do you want to add list of trackers to it click yes and then check labels > hidden again. you should see labels underneath the featured content, torrents, downloading, completed and so on.

It has worked for me at least.

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Same thing happens if uTorrent updates itself while adding a torrent:

- click magnet link while uTorrent is not running -> uTorrent starts with add dialogue

- do not close add dialogue until uTorrent notifies about update

- click update -> uTorrent restarts

- the torrent does not appear in the list but cannot be added

Aaronp2k: the torrent gets hidden, thanks for the info. Actually this seems like a user interface issue. (Earlier I thought the internal state gets corrupted which would really s*ck as it is not hackable any more.)

uTorrent version: 3.3 Alpha, just updated to b28508 while having this issue.

OS: Windows Vista

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Solution found: go to c:\users\#loginname#\appdata\roaming\utorrent and delete all files except folders, the torrent is hidden in one of the configfiles there, dont worry about the files, they are made new when starting utorrent again, i came to this solution after i seen all the files in there where created few minutes ago when i was struggling with the same problem

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It was indeed placed into the Hidden labeled category, thanks man you saved the day!


If you can't see the labels and categories:

- Options / Show sidebar (F7)


Same stuff still happens, opening up utorrent via magnet from a browser, and you don't ok that window. New version alert pops, you set utorrent to update to a new version (it closes automatically). When it comes back, the magneted torrent goes hidden, even though you didn't ok it before (v3.4.1 build 31395).


Again huge thanks @ Aaronp2k!

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