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Free p2p-based backup for our forum users

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My Unlimited for Life just got turned into a normal account. What is happening? Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Any plans to fix that ?

It was fixed right on the next day.

Well' date=' not quite on the next day :)
Looks like still a normal account to me:
My Subscription

10GB Free or $12.95/year for up to 1 Unlimited PC's

Current Plan: 10GB Free

Unlimited Licenses: 0

If you didn't sign up at the time this thread was rather new, you won't get a Free for Life. "a limited number of free for life"

Nice, it's still beeing updated. Version: 2012.12.05.7

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Oh well, it was a nice run...

Dear User,

Effective June 28, 2013, Digital Lifeboat will discontinue its service and no longer provide backup of your PC. Please make alternative arrangements to backup your PC. After June 28, 2013 you will not be able to recover data from your PC. In regards to your Digital Lifeboat service, you will not need to perform any action.

We thank you for your patronage.


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