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µTorrent 3.2.1 stable (build 28086)


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Just imagine you can't add .torrent files to your µTorrent in offline mode...

Off-cause you can't, when the file is somewhere in the Internet and you try to click a cached link to it offline... same is with magnets...

Well, the clicking works, just downloading (it) won't happen... in both cases :P

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But with torrents you can select files in offline mode, with magnets you can't, even after going online. So it's not the same.

It's like going to some FTP address in web browser and download everything, with auto-reload plugin ex. Fierr or in Opera.

And are you simply saying today behavior is good and don't need change? :P

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I'm saying it is *mostly* good, for most use-cases.

1. you need to get used to work&wait more with this add dialogue when using magnets

2. for those who has "auto-start" new torrents - it is good for magnets (no need to select anything)

3. for those who set "don't auto-start" (wish to pre-select file) + do not want to use this "add" dialogue for some reason - there is this issue you talked about .

#3 is the only use-case that possibly can be improved. It is not critical since reverting to use-case #1 is one solution. Another - is a modification so to pre-load the metadata for stopped magnets (even if not using this dialogue) and stay stopped (as you/we have suggested). maybe also notify the user somehow (maybe a balloon? ) .

So yes, it is not a must to change it. Just a nice-to have change.

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Wrong. This bug is a MUST FIX. Why, I said in my first posts about it. :P

Simply µTorrent didn't respect settings for 'all' torrents downloaded from magnet links.


I agree it's not critical as now we have file selection when you wait for torrent download from magnet link.

But what I want is link these settings also to magnets, RSS etc., so everyone will be happy, not only one part of the side.

I would also recommend colorizing these these spinning arrows to e.x. green or blue color (default M$) and make them bigger, but not too much of course ;)

About balloon notification. It should also be linked to "Show balloon notification in tray".

I dislike it, so I have them disabled in options. But I would like to select files in torrents, so pop-up "Add New Torrent" is a must for me for magnets in stopped state. So when I start them. I also will have option to select what I want.

Just try TIxati and look how it deals with everything. Simply marvelous. :cool:

But I like GUI better in µTorrent :P

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Out of curiosity, would it be possible to (or can someone confirm it has already been changed) "lock" the ordering when the user is renaming a torrent? I haven't run into this issue lately, but I remember in earlier versions that torrents were automatically reordered while I was changing a name, and the wrong torrent ended up getting renamed.

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I'd love to help beta test' date=' but the program crashes on launch every time.[/quote']

Can you upload and post a link to the crash dump? It's right where the exe it.

There's no dump generated.


(this is for 3.3, but the same thing happens with 3.2 beta.)

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This bug is a MUST FIX. Why' date=' I said in my first posts about it. :P

Simply µTorrent didn't respect settings for 'all' torrents downloaded from magnet links.


Confirm, when I start a magnet file download, the file is downloaded straight to the desktop folder regardless of the settings. It started a couple of BETAs ago.. :\

We attempted a fix for this bug in 3.2.1 beta 6 (will be released shortly).

Let us know if you are still experiencing related issues.

Thank you for the input :D

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buuu... :/

still not fixed in µTorrent Beta 6...

Are you guys working on this, I'm curious? :P

about FB icon, it not aggressive, so it can stay, because it promote itself on FB :D

bug #2 not fixed in µTorrent Beta 3... :mad:
not fixed in µTorrent Beta 1,

2. old bug:

adding magnet and not waiting for downloading torrent information,

next manually start magnet will download torrent,

when torrent will be downloaded, uT will automatically download all files in this torrent

occurring in latest stable µTorrent 3.2.27568

was fixed in µTorrent Beta 1

regressed in µTorrent Beta 1


"Start torrent" under "Torrent Options" in "Add New Torrent" prompt is disabled

"Don't start the download automatically" under "UI Settings" in "Preferences" is enabled

I'm recommending for magnets:

-user won't wait for torrent information and want to add just only a magnet,

will result in adding only a magnet in stooped state,

when user will start this magnet, it will download torrent and prompt user with "Add New Torrent" window, like in Tixati and bloat Vuze

-user wait for torrent information - works good, nothing to change here,

but we need some more user attention there, so user will wait calmly for torrent info,

coloring and making bigger these animated arrows near "Waiting for Torrent Information" is a good idea, what you think?

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