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µTorrent 3.2.1 stable (build 28086)


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Top 10 leftover issues - my short-list for 3.2.1

Seems like a very promising release/RC. Great work!... Still, the issues below need attention. Those Marked with [* ] are from my previous v3.2 list here

Not fixed:

-- 2012-09-26: 3.2.1 RC 1 (build 28025)

-1 Issues with Magnet links:

---a Auto-downloading tracker-less magnets from RSS will not auto-enable DHT, and will never download [#114]

---b Added magnets are deleting existing files instead of re-checking them [#149]

---c Metadata retrieval time is long - ~2 min for new torrents (minimal seeds, but with uDP trackers) [#145]

---d Not able to skip files when added-stopped [#146]

---e "Copy Magnet URI" does not include the full trackers list in it

-2 Crash when running "setup-guide"->speed-test twice (Win 7) [* 96])

-3 uTP upload limiter is broken (possibly for local peers?) [* 144]

-4 Disk overload at high speeds, mostly with large unaligned-multi-file's torrents (needs cache improvement?) [* 148]

-5 Still issues with running utorrent.exe (w/o a local copy of settings.dat) from a path that is not on drive c: - utorrent activates the installer dialogs even if the settings files are already installed (located) in %appdata%\utorrent [* 136]

-6 Cache overflows, size limit is being broken sometimes at high speeds (for local peers?) [#144]

-7 Change: "Add Torrent/Magnet" dialogue improvements: still lacks most wanted improvements- stretchable edit-lines, be able to *not* use a sub-folder, filter for files inside the torrent , select if to use the "name" as a sub-folder or not etc. ( a demo is available here)

-8 No tooltips in the main view (for partially showing items, like in 2.2.1). It has gone missing :( . Long torrent/file names are requiring constant rearranging the columns' width!

-9 Change: Randomized Peer ID might not suit some private sites. An option is needed to enable/disable it

-10 ...and lastly - my own "favorite" - Change: The RSS downloader feature has not being attended to at all in the last decade... For example: basic management of the favorite list - is problematic, to say the least :(

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Program will minimise and maximise, by restore down doesn't work again for some reason, I have to manually adjust it. Also that little ad thing appeared over the utorrent plus bit on the bottom left of program, just clicked the x in the corner and closed it, at least the Dragon thing I mentioned in an earlier post hasn't shown up again.

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At the top right corner of the header for the program you have the minimise button, then the two oblong boxes for the restore down button and then the red x which closes the program to the system tray, when i click on the restore down button that should make the program smaller, basically nothing happens, so I then drag the corner in to make it smaller, then it will expand and restore down, that's until I reboot my system at which point it reverts back to opening in full screen and not allowing the page to be restored down again. Not a big problem I'm worried about, but strange that it has just started with the latest update.

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Was just wondering if there's anyway to change "set download location" so that it would stop doing the actual moving of the files? I really want to have more completed manual control. A lot of time, I want to change the pointer to the same file set but in a directory with different name and this automatically moving really screw up that....

This was the way it used to be in ver 1.8.5 (I know that's a real old ver). Not sure at what ver that got changed to the way it it now...

Maybe can add an addional option to say when set download location to also move the files to another location. But i really think there should be a way to be able to point to another directory without it tryint to initiate the moving process. Thanks....

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No, only have one monitor. Also, left computer running last night and woke this morning to find the INSTAGRILLE advertisement back covering the uTorrent Plus ad to the bottom left of the program.

Why not turn off the "Show Plus Information" ?

Mine is off which is probably why I haven't seen ANY of this advertising that people are wittering on about.

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You should probably try give more info on how to reproduce your use-case...

µTorrent 3.2.1 RC 1 (build 28025) on vista

I would click on the .torrent from my desktop to open the "add new torrent" dialog and viola!

You sure it is 28025? ... :) Your Vista is probably out of OK/CANCEL buttons... lol...

Feels like some leftover bad settings... try it out with an empty settings file ...

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