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Traverse symlinks - remove "missing files" bug


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This is a topic that has been mentioned at least twice in the following two posts:




I have roughly 200 active torrents on my system, none of which have the files located in the directory that µTorrent looks at. This is so that I can keep my files organized according to my convention, have the content stored on a separate larger "disc" (a RAID), and still seed the content. When using symlinks, µTorrent thinks that there are "missing files".


Stop torrent. Force recheck. "start" torrent while it is rechecking. This will get the torrent to start seeding again; however, it requires the files to be checked first, which takes a very long time for hundreds of torrents, especially since this has to happen each time µTorrent is exited.

How to recreate:

Assuming you have a file titled "my_super_awesome_example.eg" located in the directory "C:\Example" and you wish to create a symlink to the path "C:\Torrents" with the name of "RenamedTorrent.eg" execute the following command is command prompt:

MKLINK "C:\Torrents\RenamedTorrent.eg" "C:\Example\my_super_awesome_example.eg"

Start the torrent and point it to that file. Once it has finished checking, stop it and/or close µTorrent. Start µTorrent and/or play the torrent. You should get some error regarding that there are missing files.

I used to use hardlinks and those worked great; however, I have recently needed to move to a larger storage configuration and as such, symlinks were required. I know that directory symlinks work just fine; however, since many torrents are just single files, this is not a viable solution.

To give you a better idea of the scale I'm talking about - I have close to 2000 symlinks, and most of which are not exclusively directory symlinks. My current estimate on how long it takes to recheck all of my files is roughly 3 hours.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could add support for symlinks to be fully traversed first, such that the torrent will no longer think it has missing files.

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