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Utorrent problem (RED bar) PLEASE HELP


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i just wanted to download a file usin utorrent but it didn't work .

Here is what happend when i downloaded it and activated utorrent

availability bar was red

speed was all time low (wasnt downloading at all)

and the file progress bars were red

can someone please tell me what the hack is going on here? and i must know how to fix this and get that file please help!

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(DHT) not aloved

(involved memory) not aloved

(local involved registration) not aloved

(tracker.openBittorrent.com) off(timeout)

(tracker.thepiratebay.org) no connection

(tracker.openBittorrent.com) connection timed out

(tracker.thepiratebay.org) connection timed out

i was trying to restore them but no luck :(

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Right-click DHT in the status bar and enable it. Click the Trackers tab and make sure that the status of [DHT] is working. If not, enable it (right-click). The progress bar will still be red but you should be able to get some peers.

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