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Files Missing From Job Due To AVG


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Hi all ^^

I am downloading a quite big torrent (1.77 GBs), currently 80% is complete.

Nah, suddenly the download stops and the UTorrent says:

"Error: Files Missing From Job."

And in a couple of seconds AVG Resident Shield Alert says something like this:

Threat detected!



And I only have 3 options.

- Move to Vault (Recommended)

- Go to file

- Ignore the threat: The identified file will remain in its current location on your disk. <b> To ensure you are protected, Resident Shield will not allow you to access files that are infected </b>. It says "Virus found Win32/Heur".

However if I ignore it when will my download finish? I really need the downloaded files...

Anyone has suggestions? Thanks a lot =)

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Win32/Heur means it's matching a heuristic, which tend to be false positives. But given it's happening on something you're downloading, all I will say is if you absolutely trust the source of the download (an official download for a well known app), you can try ignoring it. In uT right-click the job and iirc advanced > force recheck, so it redetects the file. Official/trusted or not even a little risk is involved here, with whatever you're downloading.

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