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Possible bug in label function


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Using uTorrent 3.1.3 on WinXP service pack 3

I make extensive use of the multi label function. I usually have no problems adding or deleting labels.

I recently created a label which included a '&'. When I came to delete this label from one of my torrents I found that there is NO TICK in the label list for this label, and thus cannot delete it.

Maybe there is no fix for this other than deleting and reinstalling the individual torrents which I am reluctant to do there's 200 of them !

If anyone can suggest how I can resolve this I would be very grateful.



I couldnt find anyway to 'hack' the label list to resolve this problem. I re installed an old version 1.8, used the delete label function to remove the label with the '&' and then reinstalled version 3.1.3 - the down side is the multiple labels were not preserved. But relabeling is lot easier then deleting and reinstalling each torrent.

So dont use '&' in your labels or you'll be stuck too.

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