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Combining uTorrent download from two computers


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Hello folks, I have a very interesting question for you today.

I wanted to download a 16GB torrent(a single .rar file). But my internet connection is too slow(it would take me about 1 and a half week to complete the download, so you could imagine my speed), so I and my friend came up with a plan.

1. We both would start the download simultaneously on our computers(both of us have the same, slow, speed).

2. My uTorrent would add whatever his uTorrent has downloaded, to mine(and not re-download it) and his uTorrent would add whatever my uTorrent has downloaded, to his download(and not re-download it). This would theoretically result in each of getting a copy of the .rar file at double the original speed. I hope the idea is clear.:P

Is this possible? If yes, what are the steps to do it?

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