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uT 3.2 magneted *.torrent files -> Explicit permissions, not Inherited


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I am using µTorrent 3.2.1 Beta 1 27554 a.t.m,

- but this thing has gone on for many updates now,

I'd say most, if not all of the 3.2 versions have had this.

Selecting Preferences -> Directories, in the "Location of .torrents" field, I have set

Store .torrents in: C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\cached

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\finished

When I download normal *.torrent files, they get the normal Inherited from parent permissions:


However, when I click a magnet: link, the *.torrent files that gets created and saved does instead have explicit permissions:


It's easy to see this difference in permissions in Explorer because of the lock symbol in the file icon:


This is of course no big deal - I'm happy that magnet: links works as good as they do now,

and I may - one file at a time - change the permissions for the magneted *.torrent files

into the normal Inherited from parent permissions. :)

I just wonder..

- is there a setting in Advanced Options or something that may be used to turn this special "thing" off..?

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