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uTorrent crashes when using a proxy with HTTPS trackers


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From versions 3.1 (and possibly earlier) up to the latest 3.2.1 beta, uTorrent will crash with torrents from specific trackers. This happens with 100% reproducability across a clean Windows XP install and Windows 8 (so presumably on any Windows OS, at least).

The full history of my investigation is available here: http://forum.utorrent.com/search.php?action=show_user_posts&user_id=550940

Here is the summary:

If you enable SOCKS proxy support (doesn't matter which checkbox options you select) and add and start this torrent file: http://getoffmyinternet.mzzt.net/test.torrent

uTorrent will quickly crash. (NOTE: The torrent references a private tracker but includes an invalid private key so you will not be able to actually download anything with this.)

If you disable the proxy, uTorrent will not crash. If you change the proxy url to HTTP, uTorrent will not crash.

If you observe uTorrent right before it crashes, the problem appears to occur when it goes to update the tracker. It will become apparent some data has become corrupted due to the generic SSL error message (when the tracker and proxy themselves are working fine) and the corruption of the tracker url visible in the trackers pane. I suspect somewhere in the proxy handling code or the HTTPS handling code there is a bug with how the request URL is handled causing corruption before the SSL connection is attempted.

If you attempt to use an HTTP proxy the proxy is never served with tracker connection requests, although uTorrent does not crash in this case. The problem may still be the same, it just may not be corrupting enough to crash uTorrent in this case.

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