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All of a sudden Utorrent downloading at almost 0.1kbps


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Since yesterday, Utorrent has been downloading any/every torrent @ more or less 1-2kbps even with seeds of over 30 connected...?

I dont understand, the day before yesterday everything was KO, I was downloading at 1MBps...

Any ideas, the same is the same is the case on Windows utorrent both on W7 & XP...?


UTorrent 1.6.3 Mac

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seems utorrent network not working anymore, first i got very low upload speed and since yesterday even my download speed drop to 1kb, and now even when i click on utorrent icon i doesn't work, not loading, i checked task manager and i saw it's running there, maybe utorrent network have been hijacked or something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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