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uTorrent 1.1.4 POP3 connections?


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this started happening out of the blue ... my AVG e-mail scanner pops up. here is the log of the connection attempt. Also, I tracked the process with "Process Explorer" and it led to uTorrent .... very weird. any ideas?

16.10.2005 12:49:27.691 Configuration saved

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 [728] AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from process 3808

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 [728] AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 [728] AutoPOP3(10110): Will connect to

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 [3bc] AutoPOP3(10110): Client connected

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 OpenInternet = 0

16.10.2005 12:50:10.207 AddTrayIcon()

16.10.2005 12:50:31.222 CloseInternet = 1

16.10.2005 12:50:31.222 RemoveTrayIcon()

16.10.2005 12:50:31.238 [3bc] AutoPOP3(10110): Cannot connect to d221-86-250.commercial.cgocable.net:110

16.10.2005 12:50:31.238 [3bc] AutoPOP3(10110): Connect: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. (10060)

16.10.2005 12:50:31.238 [3bc] AutoPOP3(10110): PROXY:S:-ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server!

16.10.2005 12:50:31.457 [3bc] AutoPOP3(10110): Client disconnected

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uTorrent is running all of its default settings, and it works just fine for downloading.

like I said ... this issue just arose this morning. (at least that's when I noticed it)

I turned on my logging once it started, and it had only captured this happening 2 times so far ... but before I had managed to turn on my logging it had happened at least 2 times (that I know of)

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