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Per-Torrent Download Bandwidth Allocation


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I posted a question https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=121262 about this but I have the feeling there's just no setting for it right now.

Would it be possible to include the option or a second setting to have "Bandwidth Allocation -> High/Med/Low" work for Download bandwidth allocation?

the reason i'd like this is that when the "high" finishes it'll auto-reallocate the rest. currently, i have to assign a "Download limit" to the one i want less, then manually remove that limit. also, currently, this feature is available for individual files *within* a torrent. just looking to have it extended to the whole torrent itself.

please let me know also if setting a "high" priority to a file in Torrent#1 would make that download faster than "normal" priority file in Torrent#2, because that would be a de-facto solution. i've tested this but i don't think it does that.

i have a feeling i'm just missing something or misunderstand the way this works or something because uTorrent is so solid for me that this is literally my only gripe/roadblock with it.

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