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Problem with magnet links when running uTorrent from an external drive


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My problem is a bit complicated so I wasn't able to properly word it in order to find a similar search result. Basically, this is my set up:

On Mac A, I run uTorrent exclusively from my external drive. Every time I disconnect and reconnect my drive I am able to launch uTorrent and resume downloading from the magnet links that I had started.

On Mac B, I have uTorrent installed on the machine itself. No problems downloading.

My problem is that when I plug my external drive into Mac B and try to resume downloading the torrents that I had started on Mac A, the only torrents I see are the ones that Mac A has been downloading. Essentially I can't get uTorrent to recognize that I am now running my "external drive version of Utorrent" instead of the one installed on the Mac itself. Even when I open uTorrent directly from my external drive, the computer still acts as if I am opening the uTorrent version from its hard drive.

Any ideas? I would like to continue downloading the same torrents on different computers through the use of uTorrent on my external drive.

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