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Please Help: uTorrent not sending stop event


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I've searched and I see that others are having this issue also but I have not seen a fix or a resolution to this behavior at all. uTorrent is not sending the stop event consistantly which is how many private trackers update your stats and ratio. Does anyone know how to manually send a stop event or is there a way to force a stop event message to be sent?

In the interest of keeping this thread clean please do not post things like "why do you need this?" or "just right click and update tracker" or "most trackers don't use the data anyway..". I'm looking for an answer to my question. :rolleyes:

I've got 2 support people trying to figure this out. 1 from a private tracker and 1 from the company that hosts my seedbox. Basically the answer seems to be stop using uTorrent and use something else.

Can anyone help?


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