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Graphics anomaly caused by utorrent plus


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I bought and installed utorrent plus in early June. Firstly I want to say it actually seems slower than the free version. I've kept all the same preferences but it takes quite a long time to download, where as before it ran well on the free program.

Almost straight away I began having a small problem with utorrent plus. If utorrent was running and the page was one of the set on screen, when I viewed another/different screen, large parts of the utorrent display would superimpose itself over parts of the page I was trying to look at. It was easy to fix, just scroll down below where it ends then scroll back up and it was gone. It began to happen frequently and I was planning on sending an email to the support desk (is there one????? I can't find a link anywhere that says I'll be able to be in contact with a living technician!).

Because now I have a major problem with utorrent. Whenever I activate the program either by opening it our selecting a torrent to download, the graphics on my computer go haywire! It looks as though Andy Warhol has been through and given his personal touch to all (not just utorrent) my dislpayed pages!:/

I would love to attach a couple of captured screen shots for people to look at...but I'm to damn stupid to work out these instructions! Basically all the colours on the pages are all over the place...the edges of items are blurry...text disappears...it's really bad!

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail. Can anyone help me/have some advice for me? It would be extremely appreciated.

thanks for reading this


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