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Torrents do not start downloading until I click Force Start..


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I've been using uTorrent for awhile now. Recently I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit. I have uTorrent 3.2.

When I was on XP and downloaded a file it would automatically start. What happens now is that the file does open in uTorrent, but it says "Stopped" next to it and I have to right click and Force Start.

Any idea how to fix it?

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Has this been resolved at all?

I've got the same problem (although 'Start' as well as 'Force Start' fixes it). It's only been happening since updating utorrent 2 days ago to 3.2. I've been through the setup guide, read the FAQs, checked all the firewall setup guides (but I am using AVG which isn't specifically detailed) and I have tried searching through the forums but any related thread I can find just stops before identifying/resolving the issue.

The only common assumption I can find from reading all the various posts is that it is a 3.2 bug. If so is the best solution just to wait for the next update and keep fingers crossed?

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I'm not 100% sure as this is the first time I've heard of magnet links but having just done a bit of research into them I think I am indeed using magnets. I predominantly download torrents from piratebay who apparently recently switched from torrents to magnet links.

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I have the same problem. Have been using uTorrent for several years, and its not until my latest reinstall I see this issue. I see the issue on two different computers. The problem is reproducible - I get it every time. If I can do something more to help (such as enable logging or something, let me know)

In both cases, the following happen:

1) I go to a site with torrents.

2) I click a magnet link

- uTorrent starts (since Windows is configured to open magnet links in utorrent)

- The Add New Torrent dialog appears.

- If I show the details section in this dialog, I see that "Start torrent" is selected

3) I click OK in the Add new torrent dialog

- The torrent appears in the list, with the status "Downloading 0.0%"

- Roughly ~15 seconds later, the status changes to "Stopped 0.0%"

If I right-click on the torrent again and choose Start, the downloading starts again.

All settings in uTorrent are default. I experienced this issue on a brand new PC with a Windows 7 installation performed by HP. Since I see the issue on several machines all using default uTorrent settings, I assume this is a uTorrent bug.

Since the torrent status is "Downloading" for ~15 seconds before it goes to Stopped state, it has fooled me several times into thinking that its downloading just fine.

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i was finally able to fix this. i searched the entire C: drive for "utorrent", and deleted any folders with this name. then i opened the registry, and, starting from My Computer at the top, i searched for and deleted any entries with "torrent" in them.

it is important to NOT go in and randomly change or delete any system entries in the registry without knowing what is what, so if you are unfamiliar with the registry, you should NOT do what i did, and it weould be better to just reinstall Windows (and probably quicker).

nonetheless, since i did this and reinstalled uTorrent, it has not stopped a single torrent i've added...

now, if Demonoid would finally return, my life could get back to normal!

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