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Cant delete downloads which come through as VLCs/MP4s?


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Every downloaded VLC file, small or large, seems to be resisting being moved to trash can...a typical non-explanatory pop-up to effect 'access denied -make sure file is not overwritten or in use"

I have deleted the necessary ones from the VLC player playlist...

and also removed them from the torrent downloads window...makes no difference.

Cant figure out what the message is referring to.

Actually ive just noticed that VLC flv files can be deleted,

but VLC MP4s are the ones which are all resisting.

On a similiar theme, why are some, not all,

but maybe 1/3 of utorrent downloads coming in as VLCs, instead of the prefererred AVIs ?

Anyone recommend an efficient free program to convert them?

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the main ones concerning me, about 350mb each,

are in a folder called 'my downloads" which is in 'my documents"..

in addition there are some minor much smaller ones, maybe 5 or 10mb, in 'RealPlayer Downloads" ,

in 'My videos", again then in 'My documents"

Looking in my task manager, VLC player is not currently running,

unless its under another program name, I havent opened it in this session,

but still those VLC files stubbornly refuse to budge.

As for what they are, i can only tell you two things,

the icon representing them, which is the orange/white VLC cone,

and what comes up when i right click properties, which is variously MP4 etc as Ive described.

to the issue of utorrent locking them, most downloads are still coming through as avi-s, which are stored as Avis in same folder 'my Downloads" alongside the troublesome ones marked VLC,

and the avis do not resist removal.

So for example this last fortnight or so,

I have downloaded maybe 5 episodes Mad Men...S05e07(vlc) S05e08(avi)

and 3 successive ones (vlc)

and 4 of Boardwalk Empire...all from same site.

one MM came as an avi...it is viewed and deleted in routine way...rest stored as VLCs..

.none will budge...meanwhile ALL eps of BE came as Avis...they give no trouble,

can be deleted when finished with.

So if torrent is locking them for other users, why only the VLC ones,

and not the Avis downloaded at same time?

They might be better quality, I wouldnt disagree, but the other issue with them

is they need some conversion program in order to be able to be burned to DVD..

.which I dont have, and am cautious about downloading yet another converter program

that claims to be free then demands a subscription or soemthing when u go to use it,

thats one secondary irritation...

the other is, again, this issue with me now not able to get rid of them in the

usual simple way.

I can only describe what theyre showing up as and what properties when right-clicked,

theyre mostly tv show eps @350-550mb, some with avi icons, some VLC icons,

stored side by side in same folder mostly,

the vlcs say theyre MP4s..

if there is anything else able to be told about them youd have to guide me steps what to look

for besides..thats the full details of what I know about them and the issue.

(to save me re-typing this has been cut and pasted from another AV forum, where they basically didnt have a clue and either asked question already covered in OP or else just went all condescending techie on me without shining any light)

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The problem with your post is that it is very confusing. You mention downloading VLC files, but you don't actually download VLC files, you download files in formats such as avi, mpeg etc, they only show as VLC on you computer because that the default player you use when opening them. You could change them to any default player you wish providing the player supports the type of file. As for getting rid of them, have you tried deleting them in safe mode?

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