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uTpause: Pause and Resume uTorrent. You will never forget them paused.


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Hi! first of all I hope this won't be consider spam, if so, sry! =(

I made a script that pause and resume utorrent.

It has 3 modes: *double click, *tray icon and *idle.

*Double click: just double click the icon to pause uTorrent.

*Tray icon: right clicking the taskbar icon, you get a menu to chose how many minutes you want to pause uTorrent.

*Idle, have two modes:

>Just Resume: on idle, it just Resume yours Torrents

>Resume and Pause: Resume on idle, and Pause on activity.

the tray icon mode looks like this:


all the files and the wizard are this


By default uTpause will only pause uTorrent for 10 minutes, but using the wizard you can create shortcuts on your desktop to use your desire mode.

How to use:


-Since this is an unknown program, Avast (and may be other antivirus) suggest to run it on a sandbox. Chose normal mode, and tick the option to remember it.

-Run uTpause Wizard to make a icon on the Desktop to run it on a specific mode.

-Double click your custom shortcut and Done! =D


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