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"Error: Hash: The supplied user buffer is not valid...."


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I've recently been using the relocate feature of µTorrent, and ever since I started using it, I've been getting the below error:

"Error: Hash: The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation."

I never had any issues before I started relocated parts of the torrent. I get this error both on checking files as well as downloading, where parts are missing.

I tried resetting µTorrent back to its default settings and I still get this error. Then went as far as to completely uninstall µTorrent, download the latest stable release, and try again. After copying over my resume.dat file I still get this same error. I tried setting the disc cache size to the maximum allowed value in hopes that this would fix it; however, it appears to have to difference.

I also tried the "solution" posted here; however, deleting the .torrent file and re-adding it makes no difference.

Please help.

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I think I may have fixed my own problem :)

I'm using flexRAID's storage pool feature, which apparently has an I/O Buffer Size of a default 1MB. I increased it to 100MB and I was able to finally get that one torrent to finish downloading. My guess is that because I have so many torrents seeding from that virtual disk that there was not a large enough pipe for all of the data to go through.

I'll post back if I have any more issues. Hopefully this will help any other users who may be experiencing similar difficulties.

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