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DPC problem


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After long hours of trying to fix utorrent's serious DPC problem I've given up and switched to another client. Been using utorrent for years but having to stop the program when watching movies, listening to music or playing a game got to be a bit much.

You probably have some low level, super fast code, but if it's going to cause DPC's like this, I hope it will be a high priority to use a possibly slower method but one that doesn't frustrate media viewing etc.

I'll be back when there's a clear indication that it's fixed. The spikes occur with ndis.sys and tcpip.sys every couple of mins. ~200ms

Thanks and good luck!

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it might've been router related, I'm back to using utorrent. :cool: First discovered a difference just by changing ports, also rebooted the router which never even crosses my mind. Still get occasional 60ms DPC, better than 200 and doesn't affect sound much if at all.

My router is D-link DIR-601, I had an application rule for the utorrent port, now I see u don't need this and maybe had something to do with slow DPCs, dunno.

Seen lots of others with sound problems, they should check router too i suppose.

Maybe because I was using different ports, but other clients didn't hit 200ms just some 60ms.

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