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i have 2 problems that i need help with.. i have done plenty of footwork myself through google and these very forums, but no luck.. so, let me start off with the basic details.. i am running utorrent 2.1 and have been running this version for years rather than staying current with the updates, in fact i have downgraded back to version 2.1 for a few reasons that are of little to no consequence.. im running windows 7 ultimate 32bit..

my 1st issue is that i have this "uttDD4F.temp.exe" process running that i can see through the task manager, then when i google it, (uttDD4F.temp.exe), google finds absolutely no results. under "description" it says that its utorrent. i am very familiar with all of the processes running on my computer and this one is new to me... i would like to know what this is, and why google has never heard of it, and if it has anything to do with my 2nd issue that has just started happening yesterday after YEARS of running the same version of utorrent, on the same installation, same pc, same everything...

the 2nd issue is that the most recent torrent i had downloaded yesterday kept coming up red after about 1 minute, over and over, with an "error: access denied" message although i have not changed any permissions or any such thing.. now i did research, and somewhat solved the problem by running in compatibility mode with win xp sp2, which like i said, did resolve the issue, except that i believe that it has slowed down my speeds..

so my question is, why after years of running just fine, was i getting this access denied message, and does the uttDD4F.temp.exe process have anything to do with this?

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