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New Laptop, no utorrent speed? in need of help!


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Hi everyone, I am hoping someone would be able to give this less than tech savy girl some help

I have recently purchased a Samsung RV520 after having a dell for many years.

Previously I used the dell on XP for browsing, utorrent, streaming and email etc

I am now looking to get this laptop set up for the same usage and really struggling. I was having issues with the dell and it was just old and done so decided to get this.

The main issue I am having is that the internet is really slow and unreliable, I am on Virgin Media 60mb package and when I run speed test I am getting between 1mb and 20mb download, and it is showing error with upload?

I did not have this issue with the old laptop. Dont get me wrong the speed has never been anywhere near 60 infact had not got beyond 14mb on old laptop but upload was always showing about 2.5mb.

The laptop came wit norton preinstalled which I uninstalled on recommendation and installed AVG and using windows firewall.

When attempting to use utorrent my speeds are not about 50kb/s used to be about 2mb/s

I have gone through the setup guide, port showing as forwarded, firewall showing exception

Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read my tale of woe and if anyone can help let me know what you need from me!



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