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Utorrent not "Checking"


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I was originally using verson 3.1.3 with no issues, never had a problem with this fine program since i started using it a few years back apart from some minor bugs. For some reason, today when i loaded utorrent a number of torrents were listed as "Checked 0.0%", which wasn't so much a problem as once in a while it would happen after a crash. But i've not had any recently, after a few restarts the batch of torrents remained at 0.0% checked with nothing moving in the slightest. I couldn't do a force re-check, for some reason my download speed was crippled at 10kb/s.

So I arrived onto the forums, saw a post about installing the beta version which i now have. It's kinda improved but not totally. Now it checks one torrent, but afterwards no others. If i try to stop a torrent and then force a re-check then utorrent completely locks up.

The only other issue is that since this has happened, utorrent starts to download at optimal speed but after 30 seconds it slows to a crawl of 10kb/s again.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Utorrent has been running fine before, i had no crashes to cause any issues. I've not installed any software that would effect the internet or firewalls.

I've tested two other bit torrent applications since this problem and they both work just fine and i'm reaching download speeds of 2 mb/s a second with the same torrent links compared to the 10 kb/s with utorrent. I really want to get this fixed as i don't want to switch software.

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