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One µtorrent session for two users


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Sorry but I don't speak (write) English very well.

I have a windows xp pc with two users. Both users have a different µtorrent session, I would like to share the same torrents in both profiles.

I have : C:\Documents and Settings\USER1\Application Data\uTorrent\ and

C:\Documents and Settings\USER2\Application Data\uTorrent\

And the utorrent.exe is here : Z:\PROGRAMMES\µTORRENT

I 've done some research on google but I don't understand what do I have to move and where.

Thanks in advance.

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Stop uTorrent

Move all files from C:\Documents and Settings\USER1\Application Data\uTorrent\ to Z:\PROGRAMMES\µTORRENT

Remote folder C:\Documents and Settings\USER2\Application Data\uTorrent\

Now uTorrent will use settings stored in Z:\PROGRAMMES\µTORRENT for all users on your machine. Don't forget to make a backup of all these folders.

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